The Doe Paranormalcy | Gen 2 | Chapter III

After six months, I am back! I'm sorry for the wait. Long story short, I need to take care of myself and my life, and I'll be keeping the Does going-- just not as often as others might.

This chapter's song is Satisfaction, featuring the line you can't stop now, let's go! 


Sometimes People Are Into Weird Things

I feel like I have to start actually blogging, and even though I have lots of weird stories up my sleeve ("that time I peed on someone while up a tree," "that time I was kicked out of school," "that time I was trapped in a car with someone who didn't wear seatbelts to, quote, 'stick it to the man'"), I feel like using that would be cheating, so instead I'll say some controversial things and pretend I'm very cool and original for it.

A couple weeks ago, I started writing a research paper on VOCALOID (tldr Japanese singing robots) and so much of the American coverage on the topic is so embarrassingly, blatantly judgmental. It's confused, it's ill-informed, and it's desperately trying to turn an interesting piece of technology (and a revolutionary approach to content creation, and a treasure trove of information on the human psyche) into, essentially, "oh those crazy Japanese!" 

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i hate video games

I'm still not sure how my game ran back in 2012 when I originally got it, but I do recall being incredibly patient about the many (many, many) loading screens, which seemed to take several minutes per lot. That said, I don't remember lag of any kind when actually playing lots themselves, and the situation seems roughly switched now-- my lots load fairly quickly, but run horribly once I'm there. I've gotten a lot of funky comments about frame rate from computer friends...

But that's just a justification to post a full description of how exactly my game loads with nothing obstructing it. I've gone through all the compatibility-whatevers, I've loaded the things and modded the things and set DEP to How It's Supposed To Be, and I even restarted my computer and went through Task Manager to remove all the shit (Skype) that keeps opening itself (Skype) to run in the background (Skype) and take up all my disc space (just signed out of Skype, because unfortunately there is no option to just remove the darn thing because I'm running Win10.) I have ~5 GBs of CC (which I am working on, but have Compressed and Bulk Renamed already.)

I set a timer and double-clicked the start icon. It was time to wait, taking notes along the way.

01:00. No change. Starting to wonder if I clicked the icon, but not willing to click it again just in case.

03:30. Loud whirring noises emanating from computer. 

03:45.  Blue screen appears. The right size, but absolutely nothing displayed.

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The Doe Paranormalcy | Gen I->2 | Chapter II

Welcome back to the Doe Paranormalcy! Chapter II is up and running; this time titled the human concept known as love (though in Japanese the literal translation of those syllables would be more literally 'love that I came to understand', so don't get on my back about not knowing what I'm doing here!) and the backup title of every meteor that hits the earth leaves a mark.

(as usual, please view in fullscreen.)

The Doe Paranormalcy | Gen I | Chapter I

Welcome to the Doe Paranormalcy! I'm starting an old-fashioned, slideshow-based legacy with one minor twist: each generation must marry/have children with a different supernatural being. I'm very happy to present the first chapter to you now.

(please view in fullscreen.)

Please do leave a comment either here or on my tumblr; I'd love to see what people think!

hello world

so this is... a livejournal. not only am i posting on it in 2019, but i'm creating it in 2019, and i'm creating it specifically to post sims 2. in 2019. 

but i believe in this site-- and longform blogging in general-- as do a lot of people. we miss that idea that you could follow someone just for their content-- hey, nothing wrong with all the reblogs on tumblr, but what if i just want to see legacy posts on my dash? Back In The Day (which, honestly, isn't even that far back for me-- more like 2013), you could just endlessly refresh livejournals and not even bother with this following nonsense. i'm... not actually kidding.

there's a large subset of fans who long for the days of sims 2 livejournal, so to them i say: why not? come back right now! i admit i'll mostly be on tumblr for day-to-day stuff, but i think livejournal offers a great opportunity for legacy stuff, especially because of the tagging system.

and i guess that's all for now. this is pollitech adam, signing off!

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